About Tea


In line with our aim of sourcing a unique product for the public, we are pleased to announce another innovative idea!!! TIZOTO Tea is proud to offer a selection of Pure Ceylon Black, Green & Flavoured Teas for the discerning palate.

Together with this unique selection, we invite our Clients to work with us on packaging and design concept that will suit their individual requirements.

We are open 24/7 and can be reached at the address and numbers at the bottom of this page.

Grab this opportunity now, to join us in placing TIZOTO TEA, a name synonymous with Pure Ceylon Black, Green & Flavoured Teas, on the local map as well as other locations on the Globe.


To be the highest quality Ceylon tea supplier in the local and international market.


To be the leading premium Ceylon tea brand in Sri Lanka.

To provide TiZoto products to the public through leading supermarket outlets.

To educate consumers about the rich history, current and future state of the Ceylon tea industry, plants and their health benefits.


To introduce high quality Ceylon tea to Sri Lankan consumer at a competitive price.

Business Philosophy

Deliver tea products that are premium standard with competitive pricing.